Where Shall We Go Next?

Created for British Science Week 2018 and now on our regular programme.

Using a structure of four story themes we explore inventions and discoveries that have changed our lives. We show that not all scientists are white, male and dead!

In a Rainy Day we discover who invented windscreen wipers and watch a plain umbrella turn into a rainbow.

We look at inventions that have totally changed forensic science - you get your very own dead body to keep!

And do you know what the link is between a pirate, an orange and the rhinovirus? Find out in this lively interactive show.


KS2 Workshop linked to this show

In a classroom setting get up close to some incredible modern plastics that are changing the face of our planet. We all know how polluting plastics can be but what can we use instead? What are scientists doing to help change the tide of plastics?

Your pupils will be able to get hands on with the latest in plastic innovation and see what might happen in their own lives over the next few years

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