Our Shows - primary or transition

All about You - what makes us so special? Amazing

facts about your body. How can we keep clean? Make your own toothpaste! What should we put in our lunchbox?  Listen to your heartbeat with our huge heart. Can you catch our GIANT cold virus?

Inside the rainbow - explores colour and light. How are shadows formed? How do things glow in the dark? We use many different sources of natural, chemical, UV and electrical light to show the spectrum of colour and beyond. Our rainbow glasses are simply amazing!

All Change - an exciting show demonstrating solids,

liquids and gases plus changing materials in new and

amazing ways. See indoor fireworks and dry ice fog. Change

the colour of plastic with the warmth of your hand! Dare you feel the invisible water balls?


Get a Move On - how long can you hoola hoop? How does a rocket work? What happens when batteries run out? Use gadgets and gizmos to find out about the forces involved in movement.


indoor fireworks

Just a taste of what we can offer

For more detailed information see the page for each individual show and the workshops that complement it

Kaleidoscope - a exploration of colour through science. Imagine a world in black and white - how would you feel? Fancy eating a plate of grey food? Find out how nature uses colour, how our eyes work and create your own light in this colourful sensory show


Potions - with lots of dry ice and amazing colour changes this show is almost magical. See the crystal ball form on top of the cauldron. Hear the spoon scream. Take part in an experiment to turn clear liquid to bright pink and back again. A most mystical experience!!!

Into the Future - a wander through the inventions that have changed our lives from toys to nappies to books to lasers and then who knows where? If you are thinking about science discoveries this is your show

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