This show was created as part of a Harry Potter themed week.

With lots of dry ice in Hermione's cauldron and colour changing

liquids to reactions that need to be woken up from a deep sleep.

Being true scientists we don't give away our secrets!

So many of our demonstrations seem like magic so we began to

collect amazing transformations, colour changes, disappearing

materials and suddenly we really were in Hogwarts!

We invite potential wizards to join in an incredible experiment

where they change clear liquid to bright pink and back again

before our very eyes!

From bubbles to smoke to fire clouds this is an amazing show but of course we all know that even though some of the things seem almost magic - it really is SCIENCE!!


POTIONS can be used in any science magic scenario whether it is matching a literacy theme, a science week or even a end of term treat. Our Christmas themed show looks amazing! Get in touch and see what we can do for you.


THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS came about when a school took our POTIONS show and themed it to Alice for their literacy week.

We arrived complete with rabbit ears! All the experiments had intructions such as "Shake Me" which of course someone had to do...... this was such a fun show and worked wonderfully to link science with literacy celebrating book week.

Following instructions is very important in the world that is down the rabbit hole and of course that is very true in science too so we made sure we read the labels on the experiments and did exactly what it said because you never know what will happen if we ..... ooops!




Lava_Lamp_by_el_Barto_Stencils cheshire_cat_s_smile_by_streetgals9000-d7o1fd0
_DSC0799 helen and dry ice