We can deliver our shows in your hall to whatever size it

will take - we are happy to do shows to a larger audience remembering that people need to be able to sit

comfortably and to see and hear us!

A usual day includes up to three of the same theme show perhaps with a special time with younger ones - we work around a core show modifying for age and ability. Each show lasts approx 50 - 60 mins and we need about 15 - 30 minutes to reset between shows.


If you choose to do two shows in the day we can also do two workshops in the classroom linking to the show you have booked - see our main show pages for workshops that complement the shows


Every school is different so we are happy to work with you to create an event that suits you - some of the things you might want to include:

  • an after school science club for a small group at the end of a show day

  • a teacher CPD hands on session after a show day

  • an extended up close session in the show room for an older class

  • a shorter session with reception

  • a brief intro in assembly

Call us and have a chat!



Organising Your Event

So how much is all this going to cost?

Costs work out between £350 and £600 per day depending on school size and what you want to do but every school is different so call us for a quote!

Our promise - it will be an all in price - no hidden extras, no extra mileage costs


Click to download more about organising a visit, including our Terms and Conditions

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