This popular primary show explores aspects of colour in

science from unexpected colour changes in chemistry to

smart materials that change colour to how we see optical illusions. We look at how colours make us feel, why

humans love colours, how animals use colour to hide, warn and find a mate. We create rainbows and colour through light and even wear some coloured light!

We start off in a world where there is only black,

white and grey and not even Helen can tempt pupils

to try her grey spaghetti and meatballs!

We find out about creatures that can make their own

colourful lights and have a go at making our own.

We use people power to turn on lights, muscle power

to generate electricity and turn teachers into amazing coloured human light bulbs.

This show is full of fascinating facts and spectacular     demonstrations covering a wide area of the

curriculum. We love it!


To complement the show we have a workshop based around colour mixing and light suitable for KS2 which includes making a super lava lamp.

A great day of science could include 2 shows and 2 workshops depending on the size of your school.

IMG_1137 science-experiments glowchem EL wire Fibre_Optic_Lamp_Morphing_large_image human light switches