So many of the science discoveries we use every day were invented by a named person.....in our show we introduce those people.

We look at inventions that have changed our lives, some of them

accidental, some after lots of hard research.

We ask how do you catch a cold?

Why does a solid plastic become soft and gooey in warm water and

what could you do with that material?

What makes a piece of ordinary looking plain paper change colour

and then turn back again?

How can light travel round corners and be worn as clothes?

What is a laser and how are they used?

How can gooey balls seem to disappear in water and what are they used for?

With the younger ones we look at toys through the ages and how they have changed.


If you are looking to link science to everyday life this is the show for you. If you have a specific invention or scientist in mind we might even be able to include that in the show!


energy stick IMG_20160623_182428 Bubbling-Slime-Recipe-for-Sensory-Tubs-4 heat sensitive paper


In a smaller class sized group everyone can get up close to the amazing gadgets we share in the show.

We think about how plastics have totally changed our lives and what it would be like without them.

We get hands on with the disappearing hydrogel balls - a rare treat.

We can all have a feel of the incredible thermo molding plastic that feels like chewing gum when it is warm but as it cools goes opaque and hard. We will leave you plenty to play with!

We follow the link in the show from an astronaut to instant snow to a disposable nappy to a roof tile. Then we test just how absorbant that  fascinating chemical really is.