Inside the Rainbow    

Inside the rainbow - one of our most sensory shows  and a huge favourite! This show explores colour and light using so many different light sources the room looks like a grotto!

We explore how we see and how our eyes work.

How fast does light travel? Why do things glow in the dark? How are rainbows made?  Why do we get shadows?

We use sources of natural, chemical, UV and electrical light to show the spectrum of colour and beyond. Lava lamps, fibre optics, tornado lights, shadow boards and so much more!

Try out our rainbow glasses - they are simply amazing!

Helen uses volunteers to set fire to chemicals and produce wonderful colours and sparkles.

Enrich your curriculum light lessons!

Have a look at this gallery to get a flavour of the show which is suitable for all ages.


KS2 Workshop linked to this show

In a classroom setting explore some of these great colour and light ideas - we will work with you to match your objectives!

How bees see the world with UV light. Create secret messages of your own.

See how different coloured light creates amazing rainbows

Colour mixing using the three primary colours - how many colours can you make?

Chromatography - why black isn't always black

Make a lava lamp that lights up

Make a class wall hanging using the science of colour


Make amazing fluorescent slime and watch it come to life

with UV light