Get a Move On    UPDATED for the 2014 curriculum

Get a Move On - are you looking for a new way to

explore forces in the curriculum?

Why not use gadgets and gizmos to discover why forces

make them work so well.

All through history forces have been at the centre of how children play so we have a brief look at some historical toys to see the forces involved. Then we come bang up to date finding out .......

How a modern material helps poppers work so well

How does an air rocket work? What happens when batteries run out? How can you have torches that don't need batteries?  How can you make your own mini hovercraft?

How can we use alternative energy to make our gadgets work?

Put all we have learned together and bounce the space hopper!


We use toys, gadgets and gizmos to find out about the pushes and pulls, turning forces involved in movement. This show touches on so many aspects of forces bringing it all

together in a fun filled show with lots to try out.

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