CPD/Staff session

Our primary CPD sessions have become some of our most popular bookings. Many schools now include a session at the end of a day of shows - enjoy our offer of a FREE twilight staff session when booked with a day of shows.

Why not organise a 1/2 or full training day with cluster schools.

Get Up Close to the chosen theme of your day

see the show—now have a go!


Or try our hands on ideas for Materials and their Properties.

Now turned into a DVD with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Check out the videos page for links to some clips. You will receive your own free copy of the DVD which you can copy and use with all your staff.

This is what teachers think of our sessions.....


" I really enjoyed having a play with the dry ice" year 4 teacher

" I am doing this tomorrow!" year 1 teacher

"this will help me plan our science week" science subject leader




milk and colour2