A brand new show for

British Science Week 2019 

The show An Amazing Journey goes ultra small—into the microscopic world that makes us healthy humans.

                        In the show we meet RBC—the brand new

                        red blood cell who is busy  learning how to

                        deliver oxygen all around the body meeting

                        other cells with important jobs like the

                        superhero white blood cells who are fighting

                        off diseases.


We will be using our little friend the rhinovirus to show how germs spread and measuring how far sneeze droplets can travel.

Our friend Cal will helps us discover how we need a healthy diet to give us strong teeth and bones and with audience help will build a skeleton

We will also be finding out and decoding the secret messages deep inside  every cell making us totally unique.


This show for both Key Stages at Primary school has lots of dressing up and joining in and we are quite excited about it!!











The class sized workshops to go with the show are KS1 Super Senses with feely bags, smelly eggs and the mystery liquid and for KS2 How Clean Are You? where we will be looking closely at gross and gruesome body bits plus making and testing toothpaste.


We want as many schools as possible to be able to book us for BSW so we are running a very special 50% discount for primary schools booking this show during the whole of March

This means that for the smaller schools you could have us in for the whole day for as little as £250—an amazing price!

You will need to be quick as these dates are going very fast!

Email info@science2u.co.uk