An Amazing Journey

 An Amazing Journey goes ultra small—into the

microscopic world that makes us healthy


In the show we meet two giant but very cuddly

blood cells. Our volunteers then take on the role - first RBC the brand new red blood cell in a snazzy uniform who is busy  learning how to deliver oxygen all around the body meeting other cells with  important jobs like the superhero white blood cells in their sparkly capes who are fighting off diseases.

We make a scab with the platelet  gang and show how germs spread by seeing how far sneeze droplets can travel.

Our friend Cal ( calcium) helps us discover how we need a healthy diet to give us strong teeth and bones and with audience help will build a skeleton .

Finally we discover how special each one of us is by

finding out about our DNA.

20190122_170115 gigantic_cold capture-20181207-150016

There are two workshops that link to this show:

Super Senses for KS1 explores our senses including feely bags, smelly eggs and “the mystery liquid challenge” and for KS2 How Clean Are You? where we will be looking closely at gross and gruesome body bits plus making and testing toothpaste.