All Change        

All Change - this is a show based on Materials and their properties especially changes of materials; using freezing and melting, burning and mixing to create exciting substances.

We use modern materials to explore transparency, flexibility, suitability for purpose.

We focus on amazing science changes using a variety of chemicals to show how they behave such as polymers, slime, instant snow, dry ice and many more.

We give ideas for science to try out at home or in the

classroom. We will also give you our booklet full of

Do Try This fun.


For Key Stage 1 our show Amazing Science looks at

fascinating reactions caused by chemicals.

This is an especially colourful fun show – it’s not magic it is science!





flubberproject Bunsen_large 1296569358050 helen and dry ice

Key Stage 2 workshop - explore some amazing materials and discover their properties. Make slime or create a lava lamp, get up close to expanding polymers, make a bath bomb to take home...... these are just some of the exciting experiments your class can try in our sessions - ask us!


We use a wide range of materials, some everyday,

some very unusual to encourage your pupils to discover for themselves how scientists use their skills to make so many of the things we see around us.