All About You      UPDATED for the 2014 curriculum

This show covers most of the subject matter in Humans

and other Animals that relates to health and nutrition in

humans and is suitable for all ages – depending on the

age of the audience we will vary the content and delivery appropriately.

The show looks at keeping healthy through diet, why we need to keep clean including why have a wash, brushing teeth, making and testing homemade toothpaste and how soap works.

How we keep healthy by exercise and how it affects the

body using a giant heart.  We find out how microbes

cause illnesses and how we pass them on in a fun

mass experiment.

The show includes lots of volunteers joining in with fun experiments leaving you with ideas to try out in class.


If you have PC and projection facilities we have some

amazing images that really enhance this show.


Please note: if you have also booked the class workshops we will alter the show content slightly to avoid duplication between the show and workshop.


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Key Stage 1 workshop - Our Amazing Senses explores our five senses using feely bags, sniffers and shakers plus huge fun trying to identify the mystery liquid. This is a session created especially for the youngest scientists to encourage them to think about the world around them

Key Stage 2 workshop - How Clean Are You? This workshop develops the keeping clean theme explored in the show. Using incredible micrograph images we look closely at our bodies and then you have the choice of creating and testing home made toothpaste or making a bubbling bath bomb to take home.